Pictures Kimusubikai 2016 aikido forum kishintai, Cologne

Kimusubikai 2016

Remember, in March 2016 Endo Seishiro Shihan visited Cologne and held the Kimusubikai Yudansha seminar.
The event has been perfectly organized by Matti Joensuu and Gerhard Treffner and it was great honor for us to welcome Aikidoka from all over Europe.

The concentrated atmosphere in Keiko as well as the beatiful performences of the NoTalent show has been unique and everyone was deeply moved.

We are very happy to welcome all of you next year as Endo Shihan has announced to visit Cologne in 2017 again.

Interview with Ariga Kaname Sensei

Interview with Ariga Kaname October 2015 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself My name is Ariga Kaname and because it is the habit of Japanese people, they call me Ariga-san. I started Aikido 27 years ago at the age of 15. From the beginning I followed Endo Sensei and Shimizu Sensei. After I graduated at university I had a part-time job. I had a lot of time to tavel and participated in many seminars of Endo Sensei also in Europe. Endo Sensei gave me the chance to become a member of Saku Dojo, which is why  I moved to Saku 14 years ago. After I had moved to…

Kimusubi Dojo’s Yudansha 2015

Dear aikidokas I just want to confirm and welcome you to Black Belt Seminar starting in Cologne/Köln at Forum Kishintai, Beethovenstrasse 16-18, next week Thursday 9th April. The attendee list is below. Specifically, I want to welcome first time attendees from Hungary/New Zealand ( Keni ), Norway ( Eivind ), Canada ( Darren ), the Linz-gang ( Benjamin, Mathias, Michael, Martin ), lonely-cowboy from Graz ( Willi ), Andreas from Karlsruhe, and, of course, Michael from Malta. And all the spanish newcomers. I say this with a note that most of the newcomers to this seminar are teachers in their clubs. It is an honour. Time table: Thursday: 18:00-18:45 registration…

Your Mind & Body Are Not Separate

I found this graphic in a Buddhist journal and think it is quite interesting also for Aikido people. Nevertheless we often talk about our senses and feelings while the Aikido keiko, it also happens, that the stress being attacked can cause some surpising and/or even alarming body experieces. Maybe this graphic can give us an idea about unconcsious reactions in our bodys naming a possible reason. „…We talk about feeling things in “our guts.” We talk about a lump in our throat when we are upset. Our daily language illustrates this, but how often to we ignore what our bodies are telling us? This graphic is one depiction of some…

Project Toronto!

Please find the charmful project description and thanks by Rafa under the following link:   The english translation is below the spanish text…


Update 12. June: Rafa has safely arrived to Toronto, and is taking over teaching until June 31st. Looks like it’s a perfect match! Next week-end Rafa will be in Sudbury teaching, so he is certainly going around to spread the Spanish way…

Donations have reached 150€ ! Thank you ( names are not published ). There is still time to donate for this project to get the bus tickets to Sudbury…it is a log way to walk there from Toronto.